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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Farm of the Future

Now the following "short" story I wrote and posted on a Ning website about green living a few years back and this article   Made me decide to repost it on my blog.  So here it is:

Farm of the Future

The farmer walked out to his field shaking his head, looking at the corn crops all dead; and not knowing why. This has been the first time this has ever happened as far as the farmer knew. He had been growing corn for about five years after his father stopped and gave him the farm. As he looked around even across the street he could see those corn fields dead as well, and those weren't his fields.
As far as he knows all the corn fields are dead, the only place he had heard of any growing still was on a tiny farm about five miles away. He knew though that he couldn't grow that corn, it would kill him. About a year ago someone had gotten into the county grain silo some of that corn, and it had mixed into the rest of the good corn. It was a disaster, all the livestock fed that corn died and so did the people whose food was tainted by it.
The farmer shakes his head thinking about what else that farm was growing. What was a tomato anyway? He had never heard of such a thing as a tomato, and what were beans? The only food that existed (at least as he grew up knowing) was corn made or processed meat. Everyone who grew food grew either corn, chickens, or cows. So what weird kind of food were those people growing?
He could not believe it, as he was offered food from those people the one time he went over to there. He was sick for a week after and the doctors gave him five bottles of pills to get rid of what ever was in that food. He was told by the doctor later that whatever that farm grew it did not have the one thing that all life. It was a a non-modified food, the farmer had never heard of such a thing before. His father when he had asked him told him that when he was a kid they had such foods. Also that people had only started eating the modified foods.
So he guessed someone must have hid those seeds when they were destroying all the non-modified seeds. It didn't matter now if there were as now people could only eat the modified crops now, same with the live stock. The farmer shakes his head again, his dad's childhood days were over 50 years ago, it must have been an odd time.

 While yes, this is not going on now; we do not know the future affects of GM products. What if... one of the future side affects is that anything fed with them can then only eat them? What will happen if humanity becomes dependent on those alterations in the food to survive? It would change our genetic code, and then people who stayed away from them would be a different species from the “normal” humans. While this might not happen, we just don't know. We need more study of these products before humans should ingest them in any form. Even 2nd hand form.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello I'm Rivenfae, and I'm pig paranoid. We just got Strawberry our new cute 3 month old piggie, and she has shown us numerous times how stupid us humans really are.

 By not once but twice getting out of her brand new temporary pen (until we build the permanent one). All on the first day in it. So that night she spent in a kennel in the house till I could prevent her escapes from under the fence. Mind you , we have rebar stakes all along the bottom of the fence to keep her from rooting out of the pen. She still managed to find a way to squeeze under the fence and avoid the rebar totally.

So the next morning I added some heavy rocks around the pen and put her back into it. Once she figured out she could not get out the way she had she squealed bloody murder. I thought I won! The next morning (Monday), I went out to feed her, the rabbits, and the birds and she's standing in the rabbitry right next to her bed on the wrong side of the fencing. Well, she proved me wrong didn't she? I put her back in give her, her food then look around. Seems Silver forgot to staple the fencing to the back of the rabbitry where she sleeps and she squeezed out that way during the night.
She did have a full night too rooting all around the chicken coop trying to find a way into it. Good thing we had dog and fox proofed the chicken coop or the chickens might have had a long night. She spent all Monday sleeping in her bed the contented piggie.
I now have one FULL day of no escaped piggie! So now I am paranoid. I just know she'll find another way out.
My tomato seeds have sprouted and I am still waiting on my peppers and I have all my seeds that I need now for my Spring planting. We also got 26 new chicks today for my flock and we're thinking of this summer (after a few roosters get invited to dinner) hatching some of our own and seeing how it goes.

 Hope everyone is staying warm and those in all that snow, I hope your weather improves soon.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

Monday, February 2, 2015

I have Sprouts!

So my tomato seeds have started sprouting, I just now have to ensure the in house temp stays warm enough for them to grow properly. My older daughter came come with some info on a free gilt through her ag teacher. I am hoping as they go back to school the little one is still available. Seems it is a heritage breed but has a bad back leg. Shrugs A injured back leg does not mean she would not grow well or even be able to breed depends on how she handles the leg as she grows.

We have to spend part of today working on cutting more firewood as we're behind on it. Weather is ugly temperature wise today but we have to do it. We are also going to start working on our homestead projects as well. One of which is a storage building for hay and straw, our outdoor kitchen as well.

I still have to butcher some roosters in my flock, the Leghorn roosters are beating each other up, granted it's only 2 of the three of them doing it. The two Turken roosters are behaving, so I'm not sure why they are.

Not much else going on.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Garden Starts!

Been busy in the last week or so. We've set up and planted a bed of sun chokes, as everything I have read on them (minus 1) says to plant them while it's still cold out, especially since they all also state you can just dig them as needed. Unless you are diabetic then they say dig them after first hard frost and store till you use.
I started my tomatoes and bell peppers today as well (here's to fingers crossed on the peppers), I have 12 pots of each set up. As I want six plants I am making sure I'll have at least six, I can always plant the extra (more for us then).
I went with my favorite tomato the Cherokee Purple (granted I like the orange smudge Cherokee's better but I can't find them), Silver eats them like they are candy. I am trying the Horizon Bell pepper, from what I read on them they seem to be fairly easy to grow. I just hope they start as I've always had issue starting them.
I have looked around and seems now Seeds of Change has my favorite beans again for sale as seed. So I am going to try to by maybe a pound of them to grow. If they produce enough I should have seed for saving.
We have to start cutting more firewood for this year as we're close to running out (YEAH second burner!), and our blasted chain saw keeps not wanting to start. So that is making life difficult for us there. I am hoping to get my apple trees this year so we can get them in the ground. We have decided on raising some pork, I'm thinking of starting with three animals one boar, one sow and one castrated one for butchering. This way we can raise our own and maybe if we get enough of the piglets sell a couple every year.

Well , that's about it for now.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be

Thursday, January 8, 2015


We all like freebies right?  Even I do, this particular freebie only cost me some gas and the effort to get it into the truck bed.

That is half a truck bed full of composted sawdust with a sprinkling of fresh saw dust for our sawdust toilet on top.  The local lumber mill (well one of the 2 anyway) allows us to pick up as much of either as we want free if we load it ourselves.
If I wanted to pay $10 I could get one front end loader "bucket" full, the guy at the saw mill said it'd prob take 2 to fill the truck bed.   I'm alright with shoveling the stuff myself if it'll help my garden.

Thing is (sorry it's not in great focus), it looks more like dirt than just some composted wood.  It also has a nice "feel" to it.  This with some of the manures I have around here will make a lovely bed for my newest crop!  SUNCHOKES!
Before anybody comments about how invasive is can get I already know and I hope that it does take over as we have killed horseradish here!  I also have a rue plant that I started 3 years ago and it's maybe a foot tall and not even a foot wide.  As our soil is mostly clay I'd like to see something I want to plant become so "hardy" it takes over especially since we like the taste of them.
We're also hoping that when we get even more of this "dirt" maybe we'll do a good sized potato patch that'll eventually be for carrots, turnips, salsafy, etc.

So we are going to be busy as long as we have gas in the truck!  Yeah!   I also have my bell pepper and tomato seeds to I can start the plants soon.  I'm figuring if they produce as well as they did next year'll I'll only need 6 plants, so I'll start 12.  I am hoping I can get the peppers to sprout I've had lots of troubles getting pepper plants to sprout.  Growing peppers from starts no problem, but if I try from seed they do nothing.   SHRUGS   I'll get them eventually.  I can be a very stubborn and tenacious person sometimes.

That's it for now.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Fun

You know the fun thing about living in an area where you get to fully experience winter in all it's glory? We'll if you don't let me tell you how much fun it can be.

This morning it was a balmy 12F outside at 4:30am this morning. ...and why did I know this? Well, I woke at about hat time wide awake ,checked the time realized I needed to wake in 30 minutes anyway to get moving so I could have some tea in me and have fed at least some of the beasties before I wake my girls for school. I figured with that much time till I was to get up anyway and I was wide awake I might as well get up. Granted... the ice cold eye balls kinda told me I had to get up because we just experienced the. “Oh my Gods the wood burner went out and the house cooled”. Now over half of our overnight piece of wood was still in the burner. Seems it didn't like the wood enough to keep burning, go figure right?

It is always fun to have those mornings where you see the icicles hanging off your eyes and nose because at some point the wood burner went out and your head is the only part of you outside of the warm blankets. So you need to do the mad dash from bed to the wood burner to get it re-lit. Hoping the wood, and burner agree with your decision to make them work again. You know how inanimate objects get when cold.. they never like to work right.

It's almost scary when the outside temps though colder than your home feel warmer to you (me heading out to feed the dogs who as soon as they saw me decided to wake up and make noise till they got fed). While feeding the dogs I poke my head in my goat house, I see my two ladies doing fine, but don't see the buckling. Then he decides to say hello so because he didn't get up I figured it was safe enough for me to not feed them till the sun decided to wake up .

..have I mentioned yet how much fun it is to get 2 teen-aged girls to collect firewood when they don't feel the need to? I can't even get them to look at the fire when they are near it. I am hoping some day they'll learn. Fun parts about winter though are the soups/stews/chili/hot chocolate that gets made all the way through it.


Side note here, I have not been posting on here due to the fact that we've been having some issues here with Silver's health. Over a year ago Silver wound up getting a unhealing wound on one of his toes (he diabetic). The VA doctor sent him to a specialist who spent the better part of 5 months trying to get it healed. During this process he was given an antibiotic that caused him heart problems... Enough “problems” that we wound up going to the ER numerous times. Thankfully 2 months after the prescription the doctors figured it might be a good idea to not use the drug on him anymore and the heart problems slowed. However I do have to keep an eye on him in regards to that. His toe did finally heal after over a year of being open.

Hope your year has had higher points...

Be Well, Be Safe, Blessed Be...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I am disappointed, do you all out there know there is a difference between 'peaceful protest' and RIOTING. How does destruction of public and personal property show your solidarity for the cause you say you are following. All that has done is possibly hurt the area(s) the destruction occurred in. I hope those businesses rebuild, however I have a feeling that in some cases they will not due to the amount of damage and the loss of investment and income.

What happens when the rioters run out of things to destroy in the business district? I hope anyone living near the violence in the city area(s) where the rioting has been occurring watches the next few days to see if it gets worse. Please keep your children safe from idiots.

Here is something to think on, and I am not trying to debate if our country really is democratic or not. However, in a 'supposed' democratic society; not everyone will like the outcome of the events. When a grand jury is given a case they are required to follow certain 'rules' in how the information is presented and whether or not it is accurate for the charges they are deciding on. If they are only given “A, B, C, or D” to decide on then it is a yes or no and no wiggle room. I imagine if there had been another charge available they probably would have charged the police officer. However as I was not a member of the grand jury in this case I have no clue what went on in there.

People you need to remember that our justice system is not in it for shades of grey, and to pardon the phrasing; it sees things only in black and white. It is one or the other... not an in between. It is also not a decision based on your opinion, or even the opinion of the jurors; it is meant to be a thought out process. Debated, not just “He's a cop he is wrong toss the book at him”.

Now do I think the young man in this case should have been shot to death (and I refuse to say shot dead as what are they going to do shoot someone alive?)? No, I think the officer should have used his taser on the young man. However, again I was not there to see what had happened so I do not know what happened in that time span when it occurred so I cannot truly make a judgment call on it.

People who wish to protest what occurred, as long as it is -PEACEFUL- and not -VIOLENT- please continue, but if you are rioting, I hope you get caught and have the book thrown at you as it is a crime to damage things that are not your own and to cause harm.

Ever Mind The Rule Of Three
Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee
This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn
Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn

Here is something else to think on, if the young man is/was innocent of the crimes that caused his death. Why are you leaving his memory full of violence? Should you not keep it peaceful to show that he would have wanted it so?

Please think, and please be at peace.

Be Well -BE SAFE-  & Blessed Be...