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Friday, February 26, 2010

Careful what you ask for......

... you might just get it. Isn't that the old line about wishful thinking?

Well we got snow... and snow... and snow...

The kids got Wednesday off of school, due to the amount of snow; and we had to dig out. Not easy when you don't own a snow blower. So of course we sent the kids out first, after an hour they had a 1x4 ft area dug out... not very helpful so me and Silver went out and in 30 minutes with one shovel dug a 7'x10' area, after which my 13 yr old decided that maybe he should be helping better rather than horsing around with his sisters.

we also lost power Wednesday for 4 hours and the kids were bored, they aren't use to living without computers, TV, and radio's... guess they will have a lot to get use to.

Then yesterday we got tons of rain when they predicted more snow... the kids thought they were getting today off of school because "everyone says" that we were going to get tons more snow and nasty winds. Well, when I woke up at 2 am this morning we still were getting rain. All it did was make some lovely slush under the snow so we step into the yard where we didn't shovel and we sink in almost a foot.

What a fun week! oh well... Monday we go shopping for our transportation I hope the full size bus does work and the people are willing to sell it to us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There is snow in NY state!

It's true I can prove it. There is snow in upper New York state! We (finally) actually got some snow today after most of this winter without. Now that it's late February of course. The front yard of our current home is 90% mud... 10% rock/tree... it's nice to see it covered in snow, but don't let that layer of white fool you you step outside and sink into the mud a slight bit. I believe total around my home we have had maybe 2 ft of snow. This might be my last “real” snowfall to see before we move, but who knows maybe while we are living in Mo it will decide to snow 20ft in one winter (laughs).It's going to be odd I have always been around areas who get bad cold and snow in various amounts, Mo will be a change for me.

I picked up three single plant greenhouses for my kids so they can contribute to our garden when we move, the seedlings in them should be ready to plant by the time we are down there and the ground is ready. It will be so nice to have fresh watermelons. I have almost a pound worth of bean seeds from last year that I can plant as well as some zucchini, cucumbers (2 kinds), and peas that I can plant without buying more. Any suggestions for a first year garden in unknown soil? I won't have much to work with as we need money to build our home, but any advise will help.

We have our eyes on this old full size school bus that's been sitting in someone's yard for who knows how long. I am going to get Silver to ask them about it. I swear I saw it hitched up to a trailer the other day which tells me it might still run semi OK. If that's a no-go then we have our eyes set on a mini school bus that is in a mechanic's lot, Silver has looked at it before and it supposedly runs; but we will see.

Well that's all for now,

Be well

Monday, February 22, 2010


Yes I put up ads... I'm hoping.. though I doubt it will. that it may help us offset our construction costs some if it works out.. if it doesn't I may very well remove them in a few months.

Monday fun

Well it's a lovely day... and I wish we were already moved but i know that will come soon. The kids just went back to school after a week off for "mid-winter break", only in NY I guess. I surly didn't have it when I grew up in the Midwest nor when my kids were in school in the Midwest.

Anywho... this means me and my partner Silver are out having a slow breakfast and using the internet seeing as how where we currently live we don't have any. After then we are going to Loews to replace a tool belt I bought for Silver, we noticed it was missing the buckle... so it might be hard to use it if it's sitting on the floor. But getting to use the internet means I get to do some reading on the different homestead sites as well.

Next week we go shopping for some kind of vehicle to move us in, wish us luck!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's in a name?

The name I chose has two reasons, the last half is due to my partner's last name; but the first part... Me and my partner both have affinity to wolves and love anything about them, so it is "Wolf Woods".

Yesterday I sent out my contract for the land back to the Ozark Land office and because I wanted to make sure they received them I sent it priority mail... cost me almost $20 but I believe it is worth it. It is suppose to arrive by Monday afternoon. I was so excited to see on their website the 'sold' plastered across the property I copied the image to my laptop to look at it when I'm not busy.

Anywho... My partner is in the process of designing our temporary home for us to live in before we build our 'dream' home. That home we are planning to be as "green" as possible, which means... I hope we can afford to make it "green". When we start the temporary house I will also start a small garden for now with seeds that I have already so I won't be buying any more this year. Next year I am planning to plant much more.

When my partner has a image of our temporary house I am going to put it on here for people to see. All we really need to do now is find something to transport all the things we are planning to take with us down there and then we can move down and start.

Wish us luck!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

OzarkLand: Land Ownership made Simple and Affordable.

OzarkLand: Land Ownership made Simple and Affordable.

Our dream is coming true!

Well, me and my partner have been wanting to buy some property to build a homestead on. Now thanks to we have one and will be sending out our contract for the property today. It is a beautiful 5.29 acre parcel, this is it in January of this year. It already has a power pole and a well, so we save the cost of setting those up at least.

This blog is going to be about our homesteading on this parcel of land from moving onto it and building our home and then growing our food. I will happily include any mistakes we make along the way so it may help other people along the way. I would like to say that a good website for homesteading info is they are a wonderful website with a forum to ask questions on.

Wish me and my family luck on our new venture and I welcome comments questions... even suggestions. I will hopefully keep this as up to date as possible.

btw... once I figure out the correct way to add a link I will to my favorite homesteading places.