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Thursday, January 8, 2015


We all like freebies right?  Even I do, this particular freebie only cost me some gas and the effort to get it into the truck bed.

That is half a truck bed full of composted sawdust with a sprinkling of fresh saw dust for our sawdust toilet on top.  The local lumber mill (well one of the 2 anyway) allows us to pick up as much of either as we want free if we load it ourselves.
If I wanted to pay $10 I could get one front end loader "bucket" full, the guy at the saw mill said it'd prob take 2 to fill the truck bed.   I'm alright with shoveling the stuff myself if it'll help my garden.

Thing is (sorry it's not in great focus), it looks more like dirt than just some composted wood.  It also has a nice "feel" to it.  This with some of the manures I have around here will make a lovely bed for my newest crop!  SUNCHOKES!
Before anybody comments about how invasive is can get I already know and I hope that it does take over as we have killed horseradish here!  I also have a rue plant that I started 3 years ago and it's maybe a foot tall and not even a foot wide.  As our soil is mostly clay I'd like to see something I want to plant become so "hardy" it takes over especially since we like the taste of them.
We're also hoping that when we get even more of this "dirt" maybe we'll do a good sized potato patch that'll eventually be for carrots, turnips, salsafy, etc.

So we are going to be busy as long as we have gas in the truck!  Yeah!   I also have my bell pepper and tomato seeds to I can start the plants soon.  I'm figuring if they produce as well as they did next year'll I'll only need 6 plants, so I'll start 12.  I am hoping I can get the peppers to sprout I've had lots of troubles getting pepper plants to sprout.  Growing peppers from starts no problem, but if I try from seed they do nothing.   SHRUGS   I'll get them eventually.  I can be a very stubborn and tenacious person sometimes.

That's it for now.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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