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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello I'm Rivenfae, and I'm pig paranoid. We just got Strawberry our new cute 3 month old piggie, and she has shown us numerous times how stupid us humans really are.

 By not once but twice getting out of her brand new temporary pen (until we build the permanent one). All on the first day in it. So that night she spent in a kennel in the house till I could prevent her escapes from under the fence. Mind you , we have rebar stakes all along the bottom of the fence to keep her from rooting out of the pen. She still managed to find a way to squeeze under the fence and avoid the rebar totally.

So the next morning I added some heavy rocks around the pen and put her back into it. Once she figured out she could not get out the way she had she squealed bloody murder. I thought I won! The next morning (Monday), I went out to feed her, the rabbits, and the birds and she's standing in the rabbitry right next to her bed on the wrong side of the fencing. Well, she proved me wrong didn't she? I put her back in give her, her food then look around. Seems Silver forgot to staple the fencing to the back of the rabbitry where she sleeps and she squeezed out that way during the night.
She did have a full night too rooting all around the chicken coop trying to find a way into it. Good thing we had dog and fox proofed the chicken coop or the chickens might have had a long night. She spent all Monday sleeping in her bed the contented piggie.
I now have one FULL day of no escaped piggie! So now I am paranoid. I just know she'll find another way out.
My tomato seeds have sprouted and I am still waiting on my peppers and I have all my seeds that I need now for my Spring planting. We also got 26 new chicks today for my flock and we're thinking of this summer (after a few roosters get invited to dinner) hatching some of our own and seeing how it goes.

 Hope everyone is staying warm and those in all that snow, I hope your weather improves soon.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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