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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The trouble with Transportation....

Well it's been a fun few days.... We went to go check on the full size bus and the person we thought it belonged to it doesn't. It belongs to the person next door, we got a closer look at it and it is loaded with junk... I'm not sure we want to try it might take them 3 months to unload it.

Then we went and looked at the mini-bus we have seen around, yep the man wants to sell it, it runs, and he'll take exactly what we want to pay for it. Told him we'd be up this morning to pick it up and pay for it. This morning he called us saying that he can't find the title... Now Silver asked yesterday if he had the title, and he said yes. So we are waiting for the man to call us to say he has the title, problem is though Silver already insured it. I'm not holding my breath that the man will call back on it.

So now we are thinking about putting a hitch on our station wagon and throwing a trailer on it, and load that with everything we are taking. We got a quote on the hitch it's $200, and we can find a trailer for $100; we have to order the hitch Silver is thinking on it.

I mailed off this month's payment, so it's the first payment after contract on the land yeah! hopefully a month from today we will be on our way.

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