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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun finds!

I found a few things over the weekend for our homestead that won't take hardly any room when we move. This lamp was a steal:

Silver was visiting his son over the weekend and found it at the "mall" in the town dump down there. The town his son lives in has a town dump that has a "free" shop for anything that is still in working order... they call it the "town mall". :) Hey I'm happy it's beautiful and with possibly a little rewire it will become a normal wall lamp.

This next one is a very pretty clay butter dish I bought for under a dollar at a thrift shop has a small carack on the outside top. does anyone know if you can seal that with anything so it won't get worse?

Then last but not least this metal corner shelf:

The shelf folds down flat so we can shove it next to something when we move. As for transport we went to see a man about a bus this morning... and they weren't home. *sighs* oh well... we left a note for them hopefully they will call us. Silver isn't to sure about the bus though, it is an old 27 passenger bus that the owner has stuffed with junk.

So just in case... we are going to check on a mini school bus that a car mechanic has in his yard, we might be using that one, it just means we need a trailer somewhere along the way to hitch to our car or the bus.

Found a fun find in Loews too, I bought a packet of "moon and stars" watermelon that one of the "big" seed sellers now seems to carry... if they do well great, if not oh well; sometimes seeds are a gamble.

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  1. Love your treasures! Great finds. Thanks for following my blog. You're living my dream!

    God Bless,