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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture time! again

This is our tree for this year, it's having issues but it is still pretty. A living Norfolk Pine that we will be planting in the yard this coming spring. We also picked up this tiny pitiful cypress tree that Lowes was selling for $1 due to the fact it was dropping a tad... it's not now and we are going to plant it next spring as well.

Well though we are putting in insulation my little girl had a three dog night the other day.. as of course the dogs did not want to sleep on the cold floor. Oh, does anyone have any suggestions for Paris' skin problem? The vet said it's a flea allergy.. but it takes a full winter for her coat to grow back, anyone know of a way to have it grow back faster?

This of course is our resident momma cat Paige, she was hanging off the upper bunk bed the other day and I though she looked so cute like that (and of course she knows she's cute) and also had a "wow your legs are long" moment too.

On another note, we had a visitor back on Friday, seems the school called the state about our 'substandard' living conditions and sent someone out to check on us. The man who came out was very nice and he was impressed with our set up actually and thought the sawdust toilet was a interesting idea, and was surprised it didn't smell. I do have to wonder though if we were homeschooling would have had this problem?

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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  1. I don't know what can make your dogs fur grow back fast but my dog had a terrible flea allergy and lost quite a bit of fur. I tried everything short of Frontline and finally got some of that and used it for 3 months. It took care of any and all fleas and as soon as they were gone and she stopped itching the thin spots in her coat grew back nice and thick. I did not want to use it because I thought it to expensive and maybe not good for her but it was much cheaper that buying all that flea shampoo and powder and spray over the course of a year. It was like a miracle. I don't know if this is any help for you but it really did the trick for us. ;o)