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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good News Tuesday!

We had an interesting morning this morning. Well first with the wonderful ..-balmy- temps(in the 20's). I sent the kids off to school bundled up aside from of course the creature known as the teenage boy. What is it about them that makes them thing it's macho/manly/whatever to go about when a penguin won't in just a sweatshirt and pants? Well, as long as the school doesn't phone me to complain about it I'm happy.

We had some good news this morning. The company who financed our building had sent us a late notice, for our last payment on it. Now we thought we had paid it, guess not. Anywho, Silver calls the company up this morning to tell them sorry we'll get it out on the first with the required late fee included. Company had no problem with this, the call lasted maybe 5 minutes. Not ten minutes after that the company calls us back saying that after they looked up our account and did some math.

They owe us $12.


Nice huh? Here we thought we were behind and come to find out we are paid off. Good for us!

Hopefully the rest of the day will continue on this trend.

Hope your day goes so well!

BE Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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