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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pot Bellied Pig info

Well since Sunday I've been searching online for info on raising pot bellied pigs for meat. Well, oddly... there isn't much info on it. The most of the info online about pot bellied pigs is on the “pet” trade for them. The only places where they even mention it tend to be online forums. So I went around and posted pretty much the same question to all of them.

“I'm getting 5 pot bellied pigs, once I can buy and set up the fencing for it. However I'm not finding much about how to care for them. I'd like to know some basic info about care.”

Well, I've had a few responses. A lot say DON'T it's too fatty that it's only good for lard. Also that you don't get much from them. I expected with a small pig you wouldn't get much, small pig; small meat. Now the ones saying it's only got for lard have from the responses only butchered one pig and it was one they bought at what they considered proper weight.

Now aside from the ones who wanted to know more as well there were a few that raise pot bellied pigs normally who have ALL said... “..if you are getting a large amount of lard then the hog is OVERWEIGHT.” Seems that a pot bellied pig NEEDS to be a bit on the “trim” side. Also every one of these regular raisers of them have said they prefer to butcher them a bit on the old side. As in older than most would butcher a typical hog.

They have all said you will get mostly sausage out of them. Though you will get some small hams. That is fine by me, though I am thinking of trying to get some chops out of them. I am not expecting to get roasts out of them at all.

That's what I have learned at the moment. If/when I learn more I'll pass it on!

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...


  1. I was talking with a friend about raising some for SHTF, so I'll be looking for information. Thanks

  2. There is no meat on potbelly pigs they are all fat. In Vietnam they raise and cook them for at fat not meat. I have hauled them for rescues and talked to people who where stationed in Vietnam all have the same story. I used to raise pigs as long as you give them room they stay pretty clean but they root all over even with nose rings. Your better off buying a piglet and raising it don't take someones potbelly which you will get free and there is a reason for that.

    1. Also potbelly pigs don't stay small I have hauled 500-600 lb pigs maybe higher. Like the rescue said they are only 40 lb once. People who sell them as pets tell you want you want to hear not why there are rescues for small cuddly pigs.