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Friday, February 26, 2010

Careful what you ask for......

... you might just get it. Isn't that the old line about wishful thinking?

Well we got snow... and snow... and snow...

The kids got Wednesday off of school, due to the amount of snow; and we had to dig out. Not easy when you don't own a snow blower. So of course we sent the kids out first, after an hour they had a 1x4 ft area dug out... not very helpful so me and Silver went out and in 30 minutes with one shovel dug a 7'x10' area, after which my 13 yr old decided that maybe he should be helping better rather than horsing around with his sisters.

we also lost power Wednesday for 4 hours and the kids were bored, they aren't use to living without computers, TV, and radio's... guess they will have a lot to get use to.

Then yesterday we got tons of rain when they predicted more snow... the kids thought they were getting today off of school because "everyone says" that we were going to get tons more snow and nasty winds. Well, when I woke up at 2 am this morning we still were getting rain. All it did was make some lovely slush under the snow so we step into the yard where we didn't shovel and we sink in almost a foot.

What a fun week! oh well... Monday we go shopping for our transportation I hope the full size bus does work and the people are willing to sell it to us.

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