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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stressful times

We have a miracle baby, a kitten we have named him Crookshanks after Herminoie's cat in Harry Potter. About 2 weeks ago he was a typical 2 1/2 month old kitten, then one day when I got back home from work Silver told me he thought he was hurt as he was crying a great deal for a few hours. However by the time I had returned home he was acting listless and getting stiff and panting hard.
We just laid him down for the night and the next morning he was worse, he was barely mewling and his eyes were shut, stiff as a board and panting hard. We didn't know what to do, but he was still breathing so I suggested we put him in our electric blanket and see what happens. So we wrapped him up in it and his sister for some reason curled up next to him9as if to help), and we left them alone in our bedroom separated from our other cats.
About 6 hours later I went in to check thinking he'd probably had died, and he had his eyes open and though was still panting seemed very aware of his surroundings. He was drenched as if he had a fever and it had broke, and he was still stiff. Silver decided then that he might have a chance and started giving him water in an eye dropper and working his legs so they'd unstiffen. At this time he still could not lift hi head up but he drank up the water.
That night we put him in a covered box to sleep as his sister apparently thought he was well enough to play with... though we didn't. The next morning he was more aware of everything and trying to meow at us and trying to move around on just his front legs, pushing himself around. He still wasn't lifting his head though. That day Silver started giving him canned milk to drink, still working the kitten's muscles so they could move and by the end of the day Crookshaks was trying his rear legs too!
the next day he had his front legs working great, but still working out both together, and Silver decided to feed the little guy some pork fat off of a roast we had precook and he gobbled it up. it was kinda funny to watch as he still couldn't do much with his head however it wasn't flopping around anymore. So I had to hold his head in one hand and feed him small peices with the other avoiding the teeth.
Now, two weeks later the little guy is just starting to run around with even our big cats and even playing with our big neutered male. Though Crookshanks' head seems to possibly be permanently crooked now, tilted to one side. I am not sure if he just hasn't figured out how to straighten it or if it's something else. Does anyone know what might have affected him? Silver at first thought he was having a stroke... but he was also acting like he had a severe fever.

As to our other problems, our car had to go off the road for over a week and it has cost us some of our moving money so we won't be buying the mini bus, however... we might be renting a truck as Silver is receiving some money that might cover that, I just hope the rest of our money covers the gas all the way there or we will have some issues. the other option is to rent a storage unit and have him come back later and rent a truck then. However overall that would cost more in the long run.

With the money situation it seems we will have tons of time to plan out where our house will go and the garden space for the first year. We have decided to just build our permanent house but in sections, starting with the kids spot first, I hope it comes out well.

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  1. Crookshanks' head is tilted the way it is normally in the picture Silver was holding him still so I could get a picture. It is hard to get a picture of a moving kitten. And since he got his movement back he doesn't want to stop moving!