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Monday, April 12, 2010

We have arrived!

Well, we spent 3 long days last week driving to MO in a moving truck and our station wagon and it seemed like it took forever. I plan to put up some pictures as soon as I remember where I put the camera. There is a previous foundation that was not built on it seems to have been for a straw bale house, and if it isn't a lot more than building with wood then we will use straw bale as then we won't need regular insulation with it. I spent yesterday "breaking sod" with a pick ax... that wasn't fun, but I now have the grape vines I brought with in the ground I hope it was soon enough. We were warned that if you try to use a rototiller on the land her without having a big tractor come in first you'll bust the blades on it. there are so many rocks in the ground it eats them up. As for those rocks the man down the street from us told us his garden grows rocks.. any time it rains there is a fresh new crop of them. With the grapes I also planted my peas so we would have some this year as it is getting late down here to plant them. I have planted a couple of cucumbers in the hopes they might come up early. If they do yeah! we have them early and when I do the regular planting we will have plenty.

The kids are enjoying living here though they aren't happy with the work involved with it. They spend five minutes doing something we ask them to do and they then complain they are tired, of course when we let them go play they have tons of energy. The local town is one of those if you blink you missed it towns, and the county seat is only slightly bigger.

When we arrived in MO the car's alternator died and thankfully one of the neighbor's had an engine block he was getting rid of that he let us take the alternator off of and for now it is working, though we are not going to push it any.

My partner Silver has started clearing for our house to be built and next month we will start with adding to the foundation that is already there. Once we check wood prices we will know if we are building frame or straw bale. I am kinda hoping for straw bale as it will be a semi faster build.

Thats all for now wish us luck!

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