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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cold Morning!

Brrrrr.... Well it was suppose to go down below 38 last night, and while I am unsure if it did... it is very chilly this morning. I will be happy when we get insulation and do up the walls in here. One of the folks on the street thinks we could heat with just a space heater and I'm beginning to think they are right. It does warm up in here easily , during the day; and I'm sure once the insulation is in it will at night too. We are trying to figure out the best route for the children's beds bunks for my girls, but to save space we are trying to figure out the best place for my son's bed. Also I believe we can buy a convalescent potty chair at Habitat for $3.00, I do hope so as even with gas money to Springfield it would be cheaper than a brand new one.

Thats all right now

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. Space heater runs on electric. I suggest you have a back up for when weather is bad and electric goes out. Maybe a wood burning stove or a gas heater. I live with total electric, was bad when we had ice storm and electric went out. Don't forget about your water well, it could freeze, even more so if it is not sheltered.

  2. We know, the issue on using wood heat in here was well... space. We -do- still need to insulate our well tank and that is on our list of things to do with some heat tape... but if all else fails in the winter blankets work :D.