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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here We Go!!!!!

OK lets see we have a home (shed), our own water, now we have phone and internet on the property we are doing great now!

Here are the promised shed pics:

This is our clean up before the shed arrived.

This is the shed coming down the road

this is where they started positioning it

here they are putting the shed onto a smaller truck

here they are pulling it onto the smaller truck... it spooked me when the middle passed over I was sure they'd drop it.

here they are backing it into position

Here they are "dropping" it into position

Here is right before they blocked it up after they finished lowering it.

Seems I didn't take a picture with the blocks under it, however the back took a total of 10 blocks to even out the 6 infront. We are going to finish out the interior in about 2 weeks when Silver gets paid again, we are hoping to still get the kitchenette from Mark Chenail; I haven't been able to get a hold of him since the phone company has held us hostage this last week and a half while they dug a trench to run wire for us. Then back on Friday we were told someone would be out to connect the wire for us... well yesterday we found out they don't go inside... so Silver wired the inside and we waited this morning for the "supposed" arrival of the tech guy to wire the box in outside... then we call them by plugging our phone into the box to find out... they were just going to turn it on by computer and -we- had to wire the box. My question is if all they had to do was use the computer why not turn it on sooner?

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