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Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet our kitties!

This handsome man is Stormy he is the patriarch of our kitties, he is a Siberian mix.

Here is where it get complicated the one on the left is Pagie my son's cat, the daughter of Stormy and our at present momma cat. The little one next to her is Tuffy a cat Mr. Ruby ridge gave my kids. the orange long haired tabby is, of course Crookshanks or "Crookie" for short; son of Stormy. He as my stroke kitty I wrote about before. The next one is Pagie's sister Bandit, the two girls' mom looked like Pagie except that the "black eye" Pagie has was on their mom's other eye. The final one is Smokey Crookie's sister, she is one of my daughter's cats, Tuffy belongs to my other daughter. This picture I took one day when they lined up in our outdoor kitchen waiting for us to feed them. I have one more picture of Tuffy so you can see him better.

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