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Monday, August 8, 2011

Final Word?

For now anyway right? AS it sands according to our phone company the internet will be off by end of business day today. So the plan is to get our building supplies with the money we save from turning off the internet. the hope is to get it put back on later on when we get the building projects done.

Now I would like to talk a moment about the weather, and I know weather is the -MOST- complained about thing out there, and right now I have a complaint. It has rained so much in the last couple of days it's like spring rains here...we're still in summer... Now do we need rain? Yep, we do; but not this much. We are suppose to get it all week too... yippie... Well considering all you can do about the weather is complain ... lets just say.... I AIN'T HAPPY...

Ok, got that out.. one mention before I go (for months?) yes I have a donate button I also on my profile have a amazon wishlist.. if anyone wants to lend a hand to us please go to the wish list till we get back online. If we can't catch a donation we won't get it. While we are effectively offline unless we can afford the gas to hit the library it's just not possible to check paypal.

So thanks to everyone who reads and I will be back at some point in time with probably a major update!

Be Well, Be Safe and Blessed Be...

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