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Friday, August 5, 2011

Rocket Stove Cooker!

Ok so for functionality our Rocket Stove cook stove is finished I do have a video of it here:

There is an occasional moments where the video halted before I uploaded it, and I'm not sure if it transferred that "hiccup" into the online copy. Now a few comments on this... We only spent about (give or take) 4 hours of work putting it together, and have about an hour or two more just to "finish" it. Though it's in working order. WE used 6 standard cinder blocks, 6 flat cinder blocks.. they cost a piece about $1.50. We used about $25 of concrete and chicken wire. The chicken wire was left over from our chicken yard, the concrete was some we bought for something and never used it. Oh.. odd thing about chicken wire... when you think you've used it all you have some left; almost as if it grows.

We bought one 10 pound bag of mortar mix to "glue" the blocks together. We used one bag of vermiculite at about $6. WE used one 6in elbow and one piece of the 6in 3ft long single wall stove pipe. The elbow we got for free and the 3ft section was a little over $5. We also "Scavenged" a few metal bits here and there for different parts we needed like that "face plate" we had above the opening for the burn chamber.

So just to point out again, this did not take hardly any time to make and I can say aside from "on the job experience" (with the cement application) anybody can make this. I hope to post more pictures when we have them and it gets finished. Also of our cook oven and the mass heater when they are both built!

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