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Friday, August 5, 2011

The weather... not a complaint.. kinda...

WOW... rain for 2 DAYS!!!!! It's great... aside from the fact that it starts early in the morning with a intense thunderstorm. Being that it starts when it's still "dark" out my astraphobia kicks in... -yeah-?

Now being that said, it has cooled us off these last couple of days, we got our rocket stove cooker pretty much finished off and I'll have pics and a vid on it once it drys out enough for us to "fire" it up once. We still have some patch work to do on the cement, we used up 3 bags of ready mixed concrete and did it over chicken wire. Now this is the planned method for our full house construction down the line and it is showing us what we will need for that big project and how easy/hard it will be. I will say it takes more concrete than you think it will, so if you are going to chicken wire concrete something it will use more than you plan concrete wise. Also you need to make sure the chicken wire is -VERY- tight or you will be "stuffing" with concrete instead of just covering it in concrete.

Other than that it was fairly simple to do, more so for Silver as he's had experience working with concrete verses myself. This was my first time working with concrete, and it was interesting and took one bag of concrete for me to "learn" how to do it.

Well that's about it for now, yes the planned no internet for a while is still on for after the 8th so we'll see what goes on.

BE Well, Be Safe and Blessed Be...

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