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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Breakfast Cereal

    cereal boxesBreakfast cereals, the iconic American breakfast. Sometimes called the Breakfast of Champions, most children eat it every morning. I have stopped buying this as of a year or two ago. I discovered that the cereal was not really cost effective for me Also as we have been trying to keep the kids away from as much HFCS as we can, as well as GMO grains not buying it does double duty.  
 Oddest thing I've learned about not buying this product that I, myself grew up with. Once in a great while I miss the flavors of the cereals, in a snacking sense. As I am one of those who when they were in the house would eat it as a late night snack. My mother when I was a child refused to buy the more sugary of the boxed cereals. So we tended toward just the plain Cheerios, honey nut Cheerios, and Chex. While they do contain less sweetener than say Cocopuffs, they are still filled with grains some of which are GMO products.  

100_0919I have run into one major problem with my kids and this however. My kids are all getting tired of eating eggs. I think it's funny, as I prefer a couple of fried eggs for breakfast almost daily; and since we are “growing our own” it's cheaper. Also my youngest is tired of eating pancakes. Now mind you with them in the local school they eat breakfast at home two days a week unless it's some kind of time off from school.  
       Sad thing here though. I think the school's breakfasts are not very healthy no matter what the First Lady has done to the school “lunch” program. The offering at my kids' school in the morning consists of :  

 Cereal Bars

 Honey Bun(s)

   Chocolate Muffins  


   Chocolate Milk  

 Vanilla Milk

   Now tell me how kids are suppose to have a healthy breakfast on that????

 I certainly don't know how they can call this better for them, I think one of the things they should offer there is (I hate the amount of packaging but in this case it is a good idea) prepackaged cut fruit, maybe some granola (and I realize that they'd buy it from Big G), yogurt, plain milk with the OJ. To me that would be 100X's better than what they offer.

 Now when they were still in the grammar school there was a “hot” breakfast as well... those entail bread sticks , or biscuits and gravy, or... “super bun”. Now I know when “super bun” came to my mind I thought of just a large roll maybe toasted... it's not. What it is, is a LARGE honey bun sometimes covered in chocolate. Again how is this a healthy meal?     I think that it's not just the “lunches” that need looking at, breakfast needs to be as well.  

 Think on it...

   Be Well Be Safe, and Blessed Be...  

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  1. Did you really expect any "mandate" coming from the White House to actually make any sense? It's all just crap. But until the parents start making a stink about it to their school board (and then the school boards calling upon THEIR higher-ups, & up & pen. Although I don't have a child in school, I can understand how it would be difficult to feed your children healthy food when all the choice they have in school is "crap" or "more crap".

    I've found with my toddler when she gets tied of having eggs, we just change it around a bit. Sometimes on toast, sometimes egg in a basket, sometimes egg in a cup, and a little bit of cheese goes a LONG way :)