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Friday, January 4, 2013

Life can be funny sometimes

Well so we have my weekly update now, first comment of the day.

Jobs in this area just don't exist, for you to be off foodstamps if you are on them.  Due tot he fact that right now we do get food stamps I am required as I am not disabled to get a job. When I figured out the requirements for the job I need to have to make the FS office happy I need to have a job that pays $7.50 hr for 40hrs a week.  The minimum wage in this state is in the $6 range, and the manufacturing jobs in this area all seem to need people who can lift on a regular basis more than I can.  So what are we suppose to do...?

Well according to the company that takes care of the job searches I -MUST-  apply to 3 jobs a week, in either a) three different locations, or b) three different jobs in the same location.  I live in a rural area, I have no home internet and I don't have the money to fill my gas tank all the time to get around to do it.  They don't care and... they will not help you get gas if you do not already have work.  How are you suppose to get a job if you can't get anywhere?

Even more fun... one of the major comments in Pres Obama's campaign this last year is that he wants to make sure hat everyone can go to a 4-year college to get degree's so that more manufacturing jobs can open up.  I'm sorry, but who wants to spend a boat load of money going to a 4-year school to get a job in manufacturing?  It really is a waste of your education, all you need for even a CNC machine is a tech school, there is no need for a 4-year degree to work manufacturing.

...or am I the only one seeing this?

Anywho my son seems to have gotten a stomach bug and I need to run home now that I also got my job search done as well.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be

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