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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There is snow in NY state!

It's true I can prove it. There is snow in upper New York state! We (finally) actually got some snow today after most of this winter without. Now that it's late February of course. The front yard of our current home is 90% mud... 10% rock/tree... it's nice to see it covered in snow, but don't let that layer of white fool you you step outside and sink into the mud a slight bit. I believe total around my home we have had maybe 2 ft of snow. This might be my last “real” snowfall to see before we move, but who knows maybe while we are living in Mo it will decide to snow 20ft in one winter (laughs).It's going to be odd I have always been around areas who get bad cold and snow in various amounts, Mo will be a change for me.

I picked up three single plant greenhouses for my kids so they can contribute to our garden when we move, the seedlings in them should be ready to plant by the time we are down there and the ground is ready. It will be so nice to have fresh watermelons. I have almost a pound worth of bean seeds from last year that I can plant as well as some zucchini, cucumbers (2 kinds), and peas that I can plant without buying more. Any suggestions for a first year garden in unknown soil? I won't have much to work with as we need money to build our home, but any advise will help.

We have our eyes on this old full size school bus that's been sitting in someone's yard for who knows how long. I am going to get Silver to ask them about it. I swear I saw it hitched up to a trailer the other day which tells me it might still run semi OK. If that's a no-go then we have our eyes set on a mini school bus that is in a mechanic's lot, Silver has looked at it before and it supposedly runs; but we will see.

Well that's all for now,

Be well

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