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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday fun

Well it's a lovely day... and I wish we were already moved but i know that will come soon. The kids just went back to school after a week off for "mid-winter break", only in NY I guess. I surly didn't have it when I grew up in the Midwest nor when my kids were in school in the Midwest.

Anywho... this means me and my partner Silver are out having a slow breakfast and using the internet seeing as how where we currently live we don't have any. After then we are going to Loews to replace a tool belt I bought for Silver, we noticed it was missing the buckle... so it might be hard to use it if it's sitting on the floor. But getting to use the internet means I get to do some reading on the different homestead sites as well.

Next week we go shopping for some kind of vehicle to move us in, wish us luck!

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