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Friday, February 19, 2010

Our dream is coming true!

Well, me and my partner have been wanting to buy some property to build a homestead on. Now thanks to we have one and will be sending out our contract for the property today. It is a beautiful 5.29 acre parcel, this is it in January of this year. It already has a power pole and a well, so we save the cost of setting those up at least.

This blog is going to be about our homesteading on this parcel of land from moving onto it and building our home and then growing our food. I will happily include any mistakes we make along the way so it may help other people along the way. I would like to say that a good website for homesteading info is they are a wonderful website with a forum to ask questions on.

Wish me and my family luck on our new venture and I welcome comments questions... even suggestions. I will hopefully keep this as up to date as possible.

btw... once I figure out the correct way to add a link I will to my favorite homesteading places.

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