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Monday, August 9, 2010

Delays... delays... delays

It is interesting how things can be delayed when you are trying to build a house. I am thankful that it is still warm and we can still use our tent to sleep in. We now have a almost full outdoor kitchen if we had a refrigerator we would have a full one, but we are settling with just our deep freezer we brought with us for now. I plan to do up some new pictures soon to post on here for everyone and hopeful with our ability to get working on our build we will also have our own internet. It seems that the phone company out here has allowances for people building to still put in a phone and internet on a temp pole by the construction. A little bit of an odd observation, when you live out in rural america you can acquire a lot of dogs by accident. We are up to 4 dogs now, we had one when we arrived and found two different strays when we were driving around and two days ago a dog decided to show up at our property and decided she wanted to stay. It is rather annoying really as the shelters here seem to be full of unwanted dogs so people dump them and they wander into my home. The people who bought a piece near us found this last dog first, the gentleman then decided to dump the stray a mile away as he did not want to deal with it, so the poor female decided to come to our home.

The people who moved in down the road from us have actually a larger job than we do at fixing up their home. The property was trashed by the previous owner and the Realtor decided to knock off $10,000 for clean up, as they didn't want to clean it up themselves. Me and my partner Silver decided we were very glad we had not purchased that piece of property, besides the garbage they have to clean up the people though they have a dug well. The well has no pipe in it, and it is on the back corner of their property and the trailer they are living in is at the front corner. Silver says it's not worth the money to plumb the water to where their trailer is. The fact our well is intact but might need a new control panel for it our plumbing job will be simple as well. Our home is going to be withing 50 feet of it so pipe and wire for it will not be a great cost.

We are going to try using cut logs for our support posts, only problem we are having with it is Silver cannot find a draw knife anywhere to purchase. He has made one from a lawnmower blade and is going to start working on them starting next Wednesday when the kids start school again. The children were warned that their days off they will be helping us build, I think its funny that my kids will probably know how to build, plumb, and wire a house before they hit high school; it may help them sometime in the future who knows.

Well thats all for now I hope to post more soon.

Be well all!

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