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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plans Change

Yesterday Silver spent about three hours digging a hole, for our septic. He's gotten down about an inch; he's hoping to get to five feet in three weeks. I'm not sure if he will but he's got a good start.

Which brings us to a slight update on our building... we called a building company that rents to own portable buildings, and we may be getting a 12x24 one for use until we get the first half of the house is done. This way I will no longer get phone calls from the school asking me for an update about whether or not we have four walls up before winter... also our neighbors with the same. I'm thinking of making a plaque for it and calling it "The Bunk House" as if we do get it we will set up everyone's beds along one wall (bunk beds for my girls) and the rest of the space; storage, kitchen/living room, and maybe bathroom... though that one might be a built on the end if we can get it made with a door at both ends. The company we are getting it from makes them to order, you want windows? They'll put them on, want a regular door instead of a barn one? Ok no problem. They said from order placement it could be 2-3 weeks for delivery, which means we'd have a roof in less than a month. They told Silver when they bring it in they level it themselves and put down nessicary blocks, we just have to finish clearing the spot next to where the house is going so we can put it there, and Silver needs to finish the septic.

Silver figures this way we can do the building slower and make it stronger, still making our own posts and beams; with smaller peices of wood. I plan (and hopefully can) to document the whole building process when we start, and I will still save all the recipits for our build to see how/if we save money the way we are going to build. Also we have found ou that unless we want to buy it in peices the fiberglass dairy panels won't be any cheaper. The discount lumber store who advertised the panels at $4.99 each, when you call them find out they are partial pieces. So those won't work, and the shops with the full size ones charge almost the price of OSB for the panels, so again; that doesn't work.

The couple next door let us use their riding lawnmower, with trailer to get our water from them yesterday so we stocked up as if we were using our car.

On a lighter note we participated in a fun event this morning I call "morning cat walk" Silver's Siamese cat named Bandit followed us down to the kids' bus stop she was doing this at the end of last year too. Nice way to exercise your cat.

Be well and Blessed Be...

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