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Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer fun...?

Well for those of you who saw the picture(s) of the tent we have been living in I have some new pictures of how it looks now. Let me tell you... I don't think tents today are built well.

This is the side of our tent my girls sleep on, unfortunately when it rains hard it leaks through the plastic in one spot.

This is a picture of an air conditioner our neighbor lent us recently to help with the heat here. It doesn't help much in the heat but, at least at night we can sleep in a nice temperature.

This is our "new" front door on the tent since the dog down the road this spring wrecked the one that came with the tent. The zipper recently broke and we are clothes pinning it shut.

Our start building date will be September 1st, so crossed fingers at worst 2 more months of tent life. The other piece of good news is our electrician neighbor might bring us some wire for our well so we won't be paying $100+ for the wire we need.

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