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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just rambling...

I know most homesteaders prefer homeschool, but to be honest... I don't have the paticence to homeschool me kids. Granted I teach them some things where I can. I would like to say that the school system here in Wright county Missouri has been a pretty good one as far as public school goes. The school doesn't have all the sports avalible in cities, but they have a high rated school band. My son who is in special education for the first time in his 14 years of life has gotten above a c avarage in school. He is also happy to attend this local school, now of course my girls are doing well as well; but the biggest change was in my son here. This school system for the lower grades, at the school my girls attend; it is an outdoor learning center. The lower grade school also has computers for each child and smart boards in the class rooms. So anyway I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I am about this school system.

Silver thinks (fingers crossed), he finally has the complete list for our "big empty box". Which is what I am calling our house right now, for perspective sake. We need to have it up before November and Silver belives he can cut our costs as I have stated before about using the fiberglass dairy panels. Which we will get to look at in a week when his next check comes in. Now I am going to keep all the recipts for our building so I can see how much we wind up spending total on our build.

While we are waiting I am catching up on my reading and am going through some "natural healing" books to see if I can get Silver off his perscribed medications in the near future. He is a diabetic, who just before we moved out to MO was put on insulin. I will state due to our current diet... he is not taking the insulin, his blood sugar has been to low and he is taking the pills for it when his blood sugar is above 150, any lower and it shoots his blood sugar to low. He also has an inactive thyroid which I am also looking for an alternative for that pill too. He is also a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, and the medication he is given for relief from the pain causes stomach issues. So I am trying to find some healthy alternatives to his meds, looks like he's gonna be taking lots of vitamins until I can get my herb closet stocked. So far the best Book I have read in the last week is "The Green Pharmacy" by James A. Duke, Ph.D. Copyright 1997 ISBN # 0-87596-316-1. If you want to find some useful info on alternatives check it out, the book also has stories from real people who use the "remedies" listed.

Be well and Blessed Be...

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