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Saturday, July 30, 2011

...and we have RAIN!

Yep you heard it RAIN! The Big "R" word! It's been raining for over forty minutes and we sat at the open door and watched it pouring down.. This is a definite "gullywasher", I wish I could send some up to Kansas for the fields and farm there, but we also needed it here.

I caught 2 pictures of the rain when it first started falling:

Yes, those are the actual rain drops as they fall. I thought it looked so cool that I got the drops as they fell. I guess *winks* I don't need a late afternoon watering on the garden(s).

Here is the other shot, it's in the same spot though:

Wonderful to see isn't it? Right now at 2:35 pm it is 75 degrees outside with a lovely breeze, and it's still raining. Not as heavy though. The rain started at about 1:40 pm and it's been so dark in the sky too. We had some close lightning, so close out power did go off briefly.

We have some standing puddles right now, the water was "running" downhill when we were at the heaviest just like in the spring. i am glad I already got the compost pile moved to the old potato plot so it's been wet-ed down by the rain.

I hope this rain helps the wild plants here are some of the prairie plants here were starting to die due to the heat and dry. MY herbs have also been suffering in this heat we have been having here and I hope this storm will help them perk up. ...I haven't been able to use any basil as it's been so droopy.

Be Well, Be Safe and Blessed Be...

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