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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Late Morning start

Yep It was a late start for me today as I overslept and got up at about 8:30 right about when the garbage truck blew down our street. I know to some people that wouldn't be a late start, but for me it is. I am use to being up at or just before dawn, "puttering" around. I do have a nice alarm clock system which is Midnight our youngest dog yipping for his breakfast before the sun comes up. Not to mention one of our kittens Hodini jumping onto my chest kneading it and meowing in my face while purring. It makes for an interesting wake up.

I discovered the other day that I can take small videos with my camera and it even has a microphone on it, so here is part of our garden:

I wish I could have gotten the whole garden, but the video portion apparently uses a lot of battery life so any video I make will be short.

Well, because we got up late we did not get into the root cellar today, (with heat advisories we aren't taking chances) we should get into it tomorrow morning. The new drill bit is working great and it is cutting through the clay well.

Now I'd like to take a moment and comment on something in our new of late. The budget of the USA. The deadline for them to get it going is on the 2nd, and from what I have heard if they do not get it "figured out" by then, that the checks on the 3rd will not go out. Well, this affects us a great deal as I have said before we are living off of Silver's disability. He gets 2 checks one from the VA which shows up on the 1st (yeah!) and the federal one which comes on the 3rd. I hope the government can get it's act together so that we do not lose anything. We use that second check to make our land payment so I hope everything will go OK there. You should keep an eye on it though folks as you won't know who it might affect close to you until it happens.

I have almost gotten caught up on my laundry and our toilet room is almost empty of clothing! Yeah me! That laundry back up has been there since the end of winter, as we had only been going to the laundromat once a month due to costs. Which again I'd like to that Queen Sized Tink from The Last Half of Life ( and her family for letting us use their washer. It has been such a big help to us!

Now we have been suffering from the "unseen" insect of the Ozarks. CHIGGERS.... I hate chiggers... they leave these red bite marks that look like a rash all over you and they itch. They itch a lot! The worst part I go out in the sun right now with all this heat and as soon as I start sweating something in the fabric mixes with the sweat and it irritates the itchy bites. Making them itch MORE! So of late any time I go outside and come back in I've had to change shirts to prevent the itchiness.

I am hoping some of the tomatoes start ripening so we can try out all these varieties! The ones in my box seem to have stopped rotting on the vine so we will see how they are. Also on those tomatoes, one plant is almost at the top of our 4ft cow panel already! I am giving my main garden a every other day watering now and seeing if they like it better, if there is no change by tomorrow in how the plants look I will go back to once a day watering. Again my grape plants are dieing without any real amount of growth on them. They haven't even made it to the first part of my trellis for them. I am seriously considering buying all new ones next year.

Well that's it for now.

Be Well, Be Safe and Blessed Be...

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