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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Montana Oil Spill

Sorry if I get your name wrong huh.. I hope Lisa isn't near this!

I am not sure if you have seen the news yesterday and this morning, but the Yellowstone River up in Montana has an oil spill. Here are just a ...few... links for it:

Now there are a -few- big issues here. The first one that I think is very important is the fact... it's a river... rivers, especially ones that are moving “fast” due to having a good amount of melt water still in it; will spread water faster. Also at least one of those articles comments about how there is no dam(s) between where it “spilled” (pipeline burst) and the Missouri River. Isn't that great...?

Now after reading more than one of these I have noticed if you pay attention you get 2 different reports on “amount” of oil. One says 750 – 1,000 gallons, another source (in 2 of the articles) says 42,000 gallons. So...which is it?

Also I noticed only in 2 different ones where it talks about the time the people evacuated for back differed slightly. One says 4am the other 6am... so again... WHICH IS IT?

I really hope they do get it all up before it gets to the Missouri, as I really do not know what would happen if it got to a dam that has it's “floodgates” open. Would it “gum” them up? No to mention all the fish populations that will die due to this.

Would the FDA suddenly make the GM Salmon legal to repopulate a river “Dead” due to an oil disaster? I wonder about that, and it only just popped into my head too. I know the company who has the GM Salmon wants it approved would this be a “good reason” to allow them to be released in the wild?

I think this oil disaster need to be kept an eye on.

BE Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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