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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy Day Ramble

Well as today is a rainy day I figured it would be a good day for some random ramblings...

My girls (if I mentioned) are training/fostering some lab pups, and getting paid for it. My younger girl seems to be doing very well at it, so well that I am considering after these two get sold that we buy her a kennel and let her start a small training business. At least the beginnings and let her learn the trade as she works with pups. From my understanding a child can do such a thing, and out of the two pups hers is doing a lot better than the other is. It might do her some good to keep this up.

One of the people from the church my girls attend have asked THE QUESTION... you might be wondering what that is... well that's when the church members hint (flat out say it) “when are you and your husband going to come to church too?” What do I really say to that...? This is the church my girls attend.. they keep giving us a hand, and the one who asked is the gent who has the girls fostering the pups. Silver thinks that if I just go with my normal statement “I grew up in a Roman Catholic household”, it should be fine. What do you think...? I worry about people treating the kids badly if they find out I'm not Christian, and being we live in such a small towny area it could hurt them if it got out.

On a lighter note our garden seems to be doing well, I even have a volunteer cucumber; considering how warm it has been. It's growing where I planted my chives though.. so I don't know if that will cause a problem. Out of the six cabbages I started and transplanted it seems three have survived, and my cabbage seeds have started sprouting. I also think all my other “greens” have too, our peas are starting to take off. So fast that I'm afraid they might start reaching for people.

I have found out that the banana trees might not be edible, due to how fibrous and seeds are in them... so I will see if they can be made to be edible, and if not.. can I find another use for them? I did also place an order for some waterproof notebooks and pens from Brent and Becky's Bulbs in I think Maine. Along with that I ordered some of their “potting” mix.. which from reading what's in it sounds like a wonderful soil amendment for my clay(ey) soil. That shipment I know will arrive by Weds, my order from Stokes seeds is coming regular mail... so I have no clue when it will arrive.

One more thing... if you haven't been following the “pink slime” news then you should go and look it up. I personally am disgusted that the FDA has said that it is nutritious. Also that if the schools which can opt-out of having it next year needed to know that if they took the non-pink slime meat the meat would be more fatty. Gee... you know... if the “slime” was originally a product that was relegated for dog food... why would a human want to eat it...? A dog's dietary requirements are -VERY- different from a human's. I am going to ask our school if they are opting- out next year and if not... I am going to find a way to give my kids a lunch from home next year. I can't right now otherwise I would, as it pisses me off. We grind our own ground beef unless it is coming from a just slaughtered animal, if I wanted “beef trimmings” to eat I'd eat a hot dog.

Well, have a nice day all.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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