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Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to bread making!

After a short break from bread making (needed more flour), I got back on the bandwagon again. This time I am trying out with my normal loaves of bread to try to make some rolls so I can do my own hamburger buns, they did come out rather well; better in fact than my loaf of bread did today!

This is the dough right before baking, now I could only do three as I only had 3 small bowls available to rise the dough in last night. what I did was make the dough a little dryer in the hopes that they would hold their shape better when baking time rolled around. To bake them I just put all 3 in the roaster at the same time making sure to leave some space between each. then I shaved about 4 minutes off both baking times.. I.E. instead of 20 minutes take off cover I did 16 minutes, then again 16 instead of 20 for the second round of baking.

Here is how they came out:

As you can see they came out beautiful! We are going to have some steak sandwiches for lunch today and i can hardly wait to try them with these buns! I imagine if I tried I could make them even smaller, so we will see what I can manage. I still used the no-knead method of bread making with this, it just winds up being a little more difficult to dot he "fold overs" with a smaller piece of dough, you don't have as much to work with.

Silver did say that generally a smaller loaf does tend to bake better than a larger one and if this keeps up I just might start only making little loaves, if I can come up with enough bowls to rise the dough in. pictures the kitchen covered in covered bowls with rising dough in them That would be a sight to see!

Ok.. now I know I'm suppose to be doing a book a day here but it looks like the one I started might be an all weekend book as it is already 11am here, and I'm working on getting a bath started so no time to read right now as we want to get the bath in before it rains. This is also the kdis' last day of school for the year so anytime after 1pm my time they are suppose to be back, and then chaos will in-sue. Then...tomorrow we have been invited over to our new neighbor's house for Sloppy Joes and movies (and Silver helping to fix a computer), and I'm going to make my no-egg chocolate cake to bring with..and bring alone some starter for them. So I may not have time to even pick up a book tomorrow. But hey, it'll be a fun day! I am looking forward to it!

I have some Turkey pictures to post next unless you have seen them in one of the other places that I put them today. I took the pictures this morning in their yard:

This (I think) is the Jenny, she is smaller and her head is not as red as the other, also the waddle (that is the hangydown thing right?) is smaller. Isn't she pretty? We're thinking of calling her Thanksgiving *grins*.

This one is the Tom (I think), as you can see his head is redder than the other one, you really can't see his size compared to the other in this pic but he is bigger. Another interesting way we can tell them apart right now is it seems this guy is missing one claw on his left foot. It might have been bitten off when they were young as there is no wound.

And here they both are, I'll be happy once we get the coop done, which won't be till after the first; as I really want to rake the litter out of the yard and replace it. It would be easier to do when they aren't in the yard.

These two are sooo not afraid of me, but then again the rooster that we have(course we bought pullets) isn't afraid of me either. He's learned though that it's not a good idea to chase me though. He has pecked me twice and after the second one I swatted at him and now he keeps his distance from me. Unless of course I am bringing a treat into their yard.

I am going to -TRY- to get my book done today, if not it will be done by Sunday (provided of course the world doesn't end on Saturday). So if I don't make a post later about the book you'll know why.

Be Well and Blessed Be............

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