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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Tuesday Morning!

Well I have made an executive decision... I am staying away from video games (hopefully) until winter. So any of my facebook friends out there whom I play games with, sorry but. I really do have better things96 to do right now.

In the next couple days I am going to go out and start "scraping" the top soil off of the spot we are going to build the house and put it either in the "in ground" garden spot or one of the various pots I have picked up. Why waste top soil?

On today's list of "Chores" is total kitchen cleaning, now if the house will warm up... I have trouble getting started when it's cool out, and with an outside temp of 48 degrees (up 10 since the kids left) I don't want to do much.

Speaking of the kids, they are in their last week of school; I am still interested in looking into homeschooling to at least give them extra info. It seems at least my girls have not had any world history at all and they are entering 6th grade. I have a big problem with that, I mentioned the name Ramses and they had no idea that it was the name of an Egyptian Pharaoh... they didn't know what Pharaoh meant either. I have a bigger problem with that, since when do school not teach about Egypt?

Something I am hopefully going to be able to doing the weeks to come is "a Book a Day", and then write about the book here, the hope is I'll get one done a day, depends on the day really but we will see what I can manage. Later today I am hoping to write a post about this book:

This is "Homesteading How to Find New Independence on the Land" by Gene Logsdon, ISBN# 0-87857-068-3. Mine is a 9th printing from June 1978, the original copyright is 1973, published by Rodale Press Inc.

I have read this book before and actually many times, but I figured giving a summery after a good re-reading of it will help people who have never heard of the book decide if it will help them. This idea behind a "book a day" is because I do have a stack of books needing to be read, and as I have some odd titles that I have picked up at yard sales, thrift stores,used book stores; I'd like to share them.

I have also been told by an acquaintance that Carla Emery's "Encyclopedia of Country Living" is their bible on Homesteading so once I can get a copy (it's on my wishlist now btw) I'll see what it has to offer us here. Well that's it for now I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. A book a day! Wow! Do you speed-read? I have a goal of a book a week, and I'm a book behind for the year. I'd love to be able to read faster or more often, but it seems like lately, by the time I have time to read (just before bed) I fall asleep within 10 or 15 minutes.

  2. LOL yes well it is a hope to get one a day which I can and have done before. It generally depends on subject matter and size of the book. Then of course with the kiddies going to be home soon I bet I'll have a harder time dealing with "buuuut MOM!" all the time.