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Friday, May 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Window Version

Back to talking about simple pleasures, and how somethings we don't notice how wonderful they are until we don't have them. In this case it is a window, which as I write this i am sitting here listening to rain fall through, my open window. Yes, an open window; we finally got the danged thing up.

This is the wall the window is now in when we started cutting. We started the cutting on the inside as we had to cut through one stud to fit the window in place.

As you can see Silver is using a (electric) chainsaw.

Our saber saw had a blade mishap and I discovered that no, we did not have a spare blade and the circular saw wouldn't work in that spot. so as we were at the either we have wet bedding or we keep going point we brought our our electric chain saw, and used it to finish the hole. Which by the way, needed to be bigger than he originally thought it needed to be; as the roof came down lower than he thought it did.

Here is Stormy checking out the cat door we made him, because of course you know that we always do what our cats think we are doing. Funniest thing was after we moved the ladder and finished the window he tried to figure out how to get into it again.

And here is the finished window:

The screen came from a section of the tent from last year, a section with only one minor cat claw mark on it. We put it on, stapled it in place, then put the 2X3 pieces over it then cut off the extra. This was to keep the screen well secured.

So now I get to enjoy my new window even on this semi-rainy late afternoon. I did manage to do something in the garden:

These are "Tiger's Eye" beans that I bought from Seeds of Change, I misplaced them somewhere in the house and when I was looking for the replacement saw blade that wasn't there I found them buried in the back of the drawer. I also did not remember that they were bush beans, but I am happy they are so I did not have to cut some new poles for them. I planted them in the space between the groupings of the poles beans kinda like a "boarder" planting. I think they are very pretty seeds and one I had was purple with the orangy striping instead of the other way around. They are an heirloom that is suppose to be a good dual purpose bean.

Wow! Two posts in one day, and on both blogs!

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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