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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Love that word.. especially when you have to sit there and say.. "I/we shouldn't have..." and fill in the blank. Well right now mine is on us spending any money aside for .. tire, well, clothes washing, gasoline. As is the fun part about your income coming from disability checks is learning exactly how much you actually have after the payment goes through. Silver has a student loan that gets taken out of his federal check, so we always have to wonder what amount we will actually have when that gets removed. His VA one gets his medications taken out.. and well... he kinda needs those meds being a diabetic with an inactive thyroid.

So now I sit here waiting to call the land company and ask if I can break up the payment I should have made on the 17th of last month.. but due to when we get money have to pay on the 3rd of the following one. If they won't something else won't get paid. However that is the way life is sometimes as I also am sitting here trying to find a way to drive to make the payment, as one of the standard tires is now totally flat on us.

I also know that some people are out there probably wondering why I'm not working a job... well #1 GAS (to get anywhere that has work I need gas money and right now at almost $4 a gallon we can't afford it)
#2 distance to work (aside from the little town we live outside of that has no jobs open takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to drive to a place with work)

So there is my little piece on the "why's" of me not working... as I kinda needed a reminder as I sit here and complain to myself over not having a job to help out. Sometimes it's just very frustrating to me about balancing our payments, and I need an outlet; so please don't be offended by this post.

But hey, the up side to the money problems I'm having might make a good homesteading book some day if I can get something worked out about it. ..and find a publisher willing to take it too.

Hope your day is better than mine.

Be well and Blessed Be...


  1. I know I have had these trouble, crazy gas prices, other expenses that just eat away every last penny...and for those who haven't, they are the very fortunate ones.

    Hang in there...and start planning that book! :)

  2. Been right there with ya. I know exactly how it feels. It will work out.