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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food Channel Season 2

Yep! more chickens! This time around I have 6 Black Jersey Giants, 4 Rhode Island Reds(maybe), and 2 that may be more Jersey's. I am very glad that we had ordered the Jersey's as when we picked them up yesterday they didn't have any extra for buying just in their "shop".

Here is one of my little Jersey's:

Isn't it cute? I ordered 5 pullets and 1 cockerel and I am hoping to increase them next year as well as my Rhode Islands, I also hope they cross well. I'd love to have the Red's production with the Jersey's size.

Oh and while on the subject of yesterday... THANK YOU JON !!!!!!!! and just because I luv ya here is a shameless plug for your blog hon.

Jon gave us a lift to the hatchery yesterday as with our non-toy tire being flat about 90% of the time we were not sure it would have taken us there and home. I do hope we can all take our other neighbor's near him to the discount grocery store tomorrow as Jon could use the directions of how to get there as well.

In other news I got word from (shameless plug again), that yes I can make payments on my current month payment so we can get car parts get out power bill paid and our building bill paid too! So... THANK YOU OZARKLAND!!!!!!

..and while I'm tossing out shameless plugs... here is one for the hatchery:

Wonderful place you can either have your chicks mailed or if you live nearby order then pick up when ready.

Sometime in the near future I may be giving a shameless plug to a facebook friend who just signed a contract on a book! Hey Denise send me a copy so I can post about it here!!!!

I am hoping to get some seeds in the ground by this weekend... if the temps can stay above 38 over night... I mean WOW from what I have learned in the last year of being here, that isn't all that normal. Seems my purple smudge tomatoes don't like the temperature changes and are wilting while other ones are fine... so I don't know what is up there.

Be Well all and Blessed Be...

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