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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain again...... for a -few- days

Yep we have rain coming -AGAIN-, actually it's here already. I awoke this morning to the sounds of thunder and no weather radio going off, I wonder if moving back by our bed turned off the settings. We got tired of jumping up and running out 3-4X's a day to get it so we brought it back here. It has not gone off since.

Due to the rain that we have on and off for the next week (it looks like), I guess I will not be going out and doing the work I wanted/needed to do. Guess I get to really work on my book challenge and find other things to waste time with.. speaking of a waste of time:

That is one of those you have to see to believe.. the CDC (seems like a joke.. but they are getting carried away if it is) has a plan for "zombie apocalypse", yep you read right -ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE-; I don't know about you.. but even I think that one is a tad far fetched.

So anywho here is today's book:

"Wildlife in your Garden"

By: Gene Logsdon

Published by: Rodale Press

Copyright: 1983 (also is my copy as well)

ISBN # 0-87857-454-9

Now first.. that is not the same cover that is on mine, I can't seem to get a picture of these danged books as every time I try it winds up over exposed. I am hoping it will be about how to deal with the animals it says it deals with on the cover. As it states below the title "Dealing with deer, rabbits, raccoons, moles, crows, sparrows, and other of Nature's creatures". Should be an interesting read as I have -not- read it yet, I kept putting it off so now seems like a good time. Especially with a rainy day, I'll have tons of time to "get through" it; and I do hope it's a better read than the book I did yesterday.

On another note, some of you may have noticed with my "signature" that I am not Christian(yes this is a public outting sort of), I have a minor gripe this morning about something. I send my kids to a Fundamentalist church a couple times a week to get some experience in Christianity. BTW they have attended in the past: a Catholic church, a Baptist church, and Evangelical Covanet(spelling someone???) church; so they know that there are differences in the belief system there. My gripe however, is this church they are going to seem to think "the reward system" is the best way to turn children to Christ.

I have a problem with that... my kids get candy every time they bring in a new kid, get candy every time they memorize a scripture. I have 2 problems with that...

#1 candy should not be the motivation to learn anything...

#2 memorizing something does not mean you know what it means

Then to top it off my middle child who has embraced this new church whole heartedly (good for her and I mean that), decided to be "saved", and so the people in charge gave her a gift for doing so.. a leather bound bible with her name inscribed...???? One I wish someone had asked if it was OK to give it too her as they do not know this child rips/cuts up paper anything (and she is 12 go figure). Second that is not a cheap gift from someone I don't personally know to my child. Granted way back when my mom was taking my girls to her Catholic church one time after mass a older woman handed a expensive rosary to my mom for this same child (which reminds me I need to have her dig that out if my little girl is going to run with this chosen path).

It is my own personal thought that if someone wants to believe something then that belief will speak to them as they learn about it. It should not be "I'll follow this because they give me things", that is sooo wrong... Belief should -NEVER- be done with a reward system.

But.. that is only just my opinion on it!

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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  1. I agree. I want Kat to be able to explore various "flavors" of spirituality on her own, without anyone enticing her to believe one thing or another.