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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Bye Bandit

Well we made an unfortunate discovery this morning when we went out to water the garden.  We discovered Bandit, Silver's favorite cat out by the well house dead.  We think she was on her way back to the house and to her kittens when she just fell over dead.  As it looks like she was in mid run when she died.

She's been here with us since before we moved here, she made the trek from New York with us.  She will be missed, especially since she was one of our best hunters.  Also the best momma cat we had.  A few days ago I was trying to keep her out of the house, as she was trying to bring in a full sized garter snake for her kittens.

She has been one of our most photogenic cats, as she always wound up in positions where we just had to take a picture and comment on it.

Oh, and here is Silver with Bandit back in New York sharing a nap:

As for her position in our home, I'd say if our cats were a pride of lions; Bandit was the head female.  She was the best momma cat i have ever seen, and that is considering that her mother was a wonderful cat mom.   I hope Bandit is with her sister Paige and they are chasing down some huge rodent somewhere.

We will miss you Bandit,

Good Journey...


  1. Here's wishing Bandit a wonderful time on her next adventure! Kitty-hugs all around :)

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  3. Sorry to hear about Bandit. Sounds as if that was one heck of a cat, blessed with fantabulous people!

  4. ok not sure why my last comment got removed did not say anything bad so im unsure other than i know friend who had a losss with their cat he would of been 12 years old now his name was midnight he died during surgery but im sorry brandit passed on but just cherish the good times cause you never know what may happen tomorrow we all have dealt with loss just be positive and cheries the memories of bandit