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Friday, May 18, 2012

New Tires!

Well, had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Some money we had been waiting on to arrive had shown up and we were able to buy a full set of new tires for our van. New tires as we need to drive up by Chicago once this summer to take my kids up to see their grandmother. Silver was suppose to go visit his son... but I'm not sure if that is still going on or not. ...and only because we haven't had any steady word on whether or not help with gas is coming or not. I know my mother is sending us gas for one way.. which oddly came out cheaper than sending the kids via train to her, or bus for that matter.

We picked up a bag of dog kibble for the cats and dogs to share till the 1st, especially since the puppies are eating now kinda. I discovered the trick is to feed momma some first separate from the puppies then put the food in with her and the pups. Otherwise she growls at her own puppies.

We're going to go out to the one farm store this morning to look at some herb plants as they were selling them for $1.69 a small pot. I am hoping to get a few good cooking herbs and maybe they'll still have some catnip. Gonna get some chicken feed on the way home as for about 2 weeks the hens have been on a mixed grain diet that hasn't quite gotten the egg production I'd like.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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