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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weedy Wensday

I got a nice harvest this morning of some of our lettuce, a lot more than I thought I would get anyway. I also harvested more lambs quarters and I'm thinking of having a salad of them right before dinner as I tend to only get enough for a small serving for two people, but that is alright. Due to all the rain we got over the last week, everything that I didn't want growing in our garden is getting huge. So, I also grabbed the 5 gallon bucket and stuffed it full of greens for the chickens.

While out there I discovered that we have one flower on our giant pea plants... and of course I was thinking of just giving up on them and pulling them so I can plant the squashes. So of course we are starting to get flowers now. So I'm not sure if I should go ahead and pull them, tossing them to the chickens then; and planting my squash or give it another week?

I am thinking of putting my eggplants out in the garden, and I am hoping they get bigger than they are right now. They have not gotten very big yet and I worry about if they will get bigger or if it's just too restrictive in the little pot. Some of the wintergreen plants are doing better than the others are, one has tons of new growth; while the others have a lot less new growth.. but they do have new growth.

I still have to wade through the potato patch and get rid of the extraneous plants, and I am going to pull out the weed eater tomorrow afternoon and do some cutting in the front as like I said, the rain made everything grow big time.

Our beans are coming up, which is good. One bad however is I'm not sure we'll be able to get our goat, as we have to still pick up Silver's medications, some are going to be very helpful as his new doctor has prescribed some high dose and low dosed pain killers for depending on how bad his RA is acting up. We are also trying out a new (for him) anti-inflammatory, that so far seems to be helping; but he has only taken it one day so far. So we will see.

Oh, I'd be taking pictures; but for some reason I seem to need new batteries again. I had been taking pictures of me making bread again, and before I got the picture of my finished multi-grain one the batteries had died. Well I hope I get to take a picture of that one sometime soon as it came out wonderfully. It was oatmeal,flax, and sunflower oil; all mixed into the standard sourdough recipe that I use.

Well that's it for now,

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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