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Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Unhappy Evening

I figured it was time to actually write about something pretty bad, that normally I would just not talk about here. However, as I mentioned that we were going to have someone moving out here this week I thought it best to write this.

It seems that it is very likely that the young man who was going to come out to help us out, isn't. Now we were informed of this a couple hours ago, and he was suppose to leave for here tomorrow afternoon. Of course this is not definite, as he told us he needed to “think about it”. That it was a combination of things that made him want to not come out, “yet”. Now as we have both known this young man for many years and have him on more than one occasion tell us he was going to do something, and then back out of it generally right before hand. It tells me he probably never intended to be here in the first place.

This is quite sad as when we offered to let him come out here, we kept asking him if it was what he wanted. We kept giving him ways to back out of it, but he kept telling us he wanted to come here, and help us out.

The worst parts about this for me is, this young man and I have known each other longer than I have known Silver. He has also sat through a couple hellish moments in my life. Well, if he truly does not what to be here; that is his choice.

I just wish he had taken the time to have told us the truth on it... and to not have played around with it...

I don't think either me or Silver is going to give him another chance to be here if he chooses to not come out.

..and if he does decide that no, he won't come out here...

Good Bye Rayne...

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