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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm a mean parent part 2

I guess I'm still a mean parent, and if you don't know what I mean by that take a look here:

I wrote once about how my kids think I'm this horribly mean parent because I make them work. Well, they still think I'm mean; and now I am because I'm not listening to them when they get hurt. Well... I don't constitute a little cut on your big toe, and it is little no bigger than the head of a pin; as warranting needing to rest. Nor do I think.. but mom my back itches as medically necessary of rest, or sneezing a lot for that matter.

With that said, I seem to have a nice cold going on. I have been having very congested mornings where I'm sneezing every ten minutes, my throat feels like one of the cats crawled down it and shredded it's way back up. I also am not sleeping well because I have been winding up so congested by the middle of the night.

Guess what...?

I went out and watered the garden, harvested Lambs Quarters for breakfast, fed the dogs and cats, made 2 different breakfasts, dug in the pond, washed laundry, and then washed dishes, oh.. and before this post I wrote 2 posts per blog I keep. But dang, ...I must not understand that when I'm mildly ill I'm suppose to complain gripe and moan about how hard it is to work. Thereby making the work take twice as long.

What I have noticed is that most kids who spent any of their time growing up in the city especially in the public school system where kids are taught to feel entitled to almost everything. They seem to have trouble with the concept of doing some hard work. They don't seem to care about the “what if's” that might lie down the line as they are too focused on the here and now.

...and it's my job to be a mean parent to teach them otherwise...


  1. Ha! I went back and read the post you linked above and LAUGHED! Goodness, what a slave driver (heavy sarcasm). :) We occasionally griped when we had to rake the (acre) lawn, but that was about it. I despised inside cleaning, and was quite happy outside taking care of critters, trimming hooves, fixing fences, weeding the garden. Granted, we never lived in the city (so knew no different life), and Dad was liable to use a eucalyptus switch if we were too onery (that only happened twice for me. For my brother, though... Yeah, that's another story). Regardless, I wish more parents made their kids do chores and learn responsibility like you're doing. Maybe then I wouldn't have so many lazy coworkers, eh?

  2. It's entirely possible Rae. I'm even MORE mean, I've instituted the summer TV act here. The TV doesn't get turned on till 7pm except on Saturdays when we have a few things we watch together then at about 5pm. Also the video game act has been instituted here... they only get the video game if they can get up in the morning before me... and don't wake me or Silver up. Or when we (the adults) have to run to town for something that would take 10x's as long with kids hanging on.