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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sourdough Sesame Seed/ Sunflower Oil Crackers

I decided to experiment with my sourdough recipe and try to make some crackers.  It didn't change much in the recipe for doing this either.
  Now I know it might be hard to tell exactly that they are crackers but the are.  What I used ingredient wise:
 1 C starter
 3+C flour (unbleached white)
 2 C unclorinated water
 2 T salt(I use sea salt)
 4 T sunflower oil
 1/2 C sesame seeds

     Now notice if you know my no-knead sourdough recipe there is a couple additions now what you do is:
  You do start with the basic no-knead instructions, which start with 1 C of starter in a bowl shake 1 t of salt over the starter (don't forget to feed your starter).    Add 4 T of your sesame seeds here. Then add 3 C of flour and about 2 C of warm water.  I say "about" because sometimes I use more or less.. just depends on how it decided to "Work" that time.

   Mix it till the dough is not liquidy but fairly firm.  Then cover (I used a plate) and set aside to rise for 8hours to overnight.    Before you work it after rising preheat your oven to 500 degrees.  In the morning I noticed my dough was a bit  more wet than I wanted so I added 3/4 C of more flour and 2 T more of sesame seeds to it and mixed it firm again.

 Then on a floured board knead a little... yes I know I use a no-knead recipe but for this it's necessary.  When it's firm cut it into 4 pieces and knead a little more again till it's floured and firm.   Take out a cookie sheet (I tried on a pizza stone, but I had no way to transfer it) and put either oil or cooking spry on it.  Then place one of your pieces of dough onto it and press it as flat as you desire them to be.  I managed to place 2 per cookie sheet as we like them a tad thick.

 Then sprinkle about 1 T of more sunflower oil on each flattened piece and sprinkle about another  1 T of sesame seeds and about that much salt.   Use less salt or more based on tastes and your diet.   Then set them in the oven and I believe it took about 10 minutes to get to the color we wanted on them.

 However I started each on the lowest rack then moved then to the second from the top halfway through.  This let them rise while baking then after moving them they browned very nicely.  My kids wanted to gobble them up  before breakfast, we're going to have them with some home made chicken salad for lunch today!

   Enjoy your day off if you have one!  We're going back to pond digging tomorrow!

   Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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