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Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a brief note

Lookie what I found in my garden before the rains dumped down upon us. It's a cabbage plant thats still fighting to stay alive! I might get a full head yet! It's not the only plant trying to come back since the rains came and the weather has cooled down.

This is one of my remaining broccoli plants 2 of them are trying to make a come back. Not only that but my zucchini is flowering again as is my "patty pan" squashes.
My peppers have lived through the almost no rain and are trying to flower out again, and we have been picking the hot peppers and drying them in our new dehydrator for winter soup and stew flavoring. We picked up a lovely dehydrator at the free shop in Lebanon, MO it works great and has a full set of fruit roll trays!

We have had rain here from Wednesday night through Saturday afternoon and have been drying out bedding since it stopped. I wish the rain would quit just until we get our portable building next month.

Well thats it for now

Be Well and Bright Blessings...


  1. *crosses fingers* I hope they make it!

  2. I'm gonna check on the squashes and zucchini this weekend see if they did anything. I figured it'd be better if I'm not hovering over them wishful thinking.