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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainy days

Well we finally got a good rain after not much this summer, which for us was a verrrrrry mixed blessing. Due to a holey tent with more duck tape and plastic than the original, we spent last night in our car sleeping as between the couple holes we missed and the five wet dogs every bit of bedding got wet. Not to mention the "Return of Wolf Lake" everywhere. Now I don't understand how a property that is the highest point has the most standing water. This morning when me and Silver were out enjoying a bite out the radio said that in Springfield they got 4.6 inches of rain just yesterday. We have a flood watch until 11 am today and then it restarts at 2 pm until tomorrow morning. You know we needed the rain but this is a bit much.

This is the outdoor wood stove that Silver built for us to use when we don't have propane to cook with. He took the commercial stove metal base that was dropped on our property and filled it with gravel then set two cinder blocks on it. Then filled the holes in them with gravel, placed the thin cinder blocks on top. Then he put another cinder block behind it, filled it and placed that piece of sheet steel from the same stove on the back and placed a few more of the thin blocks behind it to hold it in place. We use the "leg" pieces from the stove as a place to set the pans, tea pot, etc on top of and burn wood in the center piece. It was funny when he first made it we were out of cooking gas for two weeks and got very good at cooking over that "open fire".

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