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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Koran Burning... Why?

I spent part of this morning being hit with news about a Florida pastor wanting to burn Korans on the anniversary of 9-11. The man is planning to do this as a “warning” a quote from the news story at the top... “"Instead of us being blamed for what other people will do or might do, why don't we send a warning to them?" he said. "Why don't we send a warning to radical Islam and say, don't do it. If you attack us, ... we will attack you."”

I have a problem with this kind of “public display”, it is wrong on many, many levels. Why would anyone want to do something so hateful to people who haven't done anything to anyone. Not everyone who follows the Koran can be blamed for things a few of it's followers do, so why do these people want to hurt the ones who want to live their lives quietly?

To do this shows that the person who thinks it's a good idea is no better than the person they say is wrong. They are their own worst enemy. The second link is for the site for the church that is proposing this “Koran burning”, I wrote them an email telling them I believe they are wrong. I do not know if telling them what people think will change their minds, but I couldn't not say something when I think it is so very wrong.

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