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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Onions and Anniversaries

OK, I know it's a weird name for a topic;but bear with me. I have recently discovered homemade onion rings are excellent! We've been buying mix and our extra onions have been becoming onion rings when we have something with home made fries (I love my french fry cutter!). For example yesterday Silver and I had fries and onion rings for lunch, never thought I'd consider that a good lunch but for some reason it sounded great. It was also light enough that when we had leftovers from our favorite other night dinner. Which was incidentally Yankee pot roast stew, yeah sounds odd; but again trust me it's good. But anywho, I am looking for a recipe for a good batter mix for onion rings so we can make the batter from scratch; if anyone has one I'd appreciate a pass on. The other day when I was adding to my compost pile (normally I have the kids do it but no more!) I found three of the large onions we tossed into due to spoilage sprouting! I pulled them out and have them sitting in front of the compost pile and I am going to see if they do anything more. They have no sign of spoilage now, I'm hoping they will grow some more or maybe send out some bulblets for me to plant.

As for the anniversary part... On Wednesday at about 11pm central time it will be Silver and my anniversary. It will be three years we have known each other, a year and a half in which we have been together in the same home. It is also very funny as the place we met is so very far from where we are now it may surprise you. Silver and I met in an online world called Second Life... for those of you out there who have never seen it or even heard about it. It is an online world that well... you can do anything. Unfortunately you can do anything, but anywho; we met there on September 15th 11pm central time. It was so amusing that even though both of us weren't living the lives we wanted at the time we both had a dream to live out on a piece of land and raise our own food. I also wanted a place where I could feel was safe for my three kids, Silver wanted the same for his son; but however his son lives with his mother. We have that now, and I am hoping for many many more good years on our land with Silver and my kids.

Be Well and Blessed Be...