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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ok These are the pictures we were sent of the kitchenette. Up close the base unit looks much bigger, I'm 5'9" and the counter top is up to my chest! It is all metal, the upper is a single unit, the picture the upper is upside down. We still do not know if the whole thing works yet, we aren't picking it up until our building gets delivered.

The refrigerator is larger than it appears in this picture, in this picture the stove is open and the fridge is on the other end; with a small space in between for the pipe and wires. It is a three burner electric stove, and of course a small sink in the middle. Mark told us it came out of an old church so I'm thinking it still works OK.

Notice it's white with black, it's funny the other day we bought a electric roaster/slow cooker that is white with black too!

We discovered that our clay soil is easier to dig in when the ground is wet, so we have dug at least a foot down in the wet clay. thats when we found some stones... one big one in particular, we hope we can get the stone out ourselves. I am hoping to take some pictures of it today if it doesn't rain, then next time I'm in the library I can place them up here. We also had an interesting idea for when the ground is hard and we can't shovel more than a few inches down. With luck our cesspool will be dug before our building arrives, which due to a need to replace my daughter's broken glasses will be next month. I certainly hope she understands how not funny it was to break them when we needed the money for a building to live in. Of course needed to repair a tire didn't help either, but hopefully (crossing fingers harder) nothing else goes wrong.

Be Well.... & Blessed Be

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