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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neighbors and Good News

I don't believe I have ever mentioned my neighbors here on the road that my land is on. I wanted to talk about them today as I need to get an opinion about one. The first person on our road actually has his driveway on the cross street by choice, him and his current wife (third I think); have lived there for about 15 years maybe a slight bit less. He has a radio shack for his short wave radios, about 20 I think; he also has his computer in his shack. He spends more time in it than in his home, I know he loves his wife and his wife still works a regular job in a hospital; she cares for her husband a great deal. They like to help people out and have been the people we get our water from when we need it. They also feed all the local stray cats (grins).

The woman who lives next to him is a recent arrival to the street, as recent as this summer; though she made her down payment on the property about when I did. She had arrived with her husband and her two youngest children, they arrived with high ideas; and desires for their lives. She is now living alone as her husband and children decided “country” life was too rough. (guess the “simple” life was a bit much for them) She is doing well and right now one of her sons is with her helping out with his family. I do not know how long they will be around but it is nice to see her get some help from her family.

The next person on the road is our closest neighbor currently... there is another property between us and him, but no one is using it right now. This neighbor I know very little about other than I was told him and his wife came from California. I do know he stays awake most of the night playing drums very loud, sometimes at 3am. Occasional weekends he has loud parties, he also has a beautiful black Great Dane; who has free range of his property. The kids say that sometimes they don't pay attention when they are walking home from school and they have to jump off the road to avoid their cars.

On the other side there are only 2 occupied properties The nearest to us is a couple who have been on the road as long as the first (they have also not spoken to each other in about that much time). They have let us use their well as well when needed, they are also the people Silver and I do occasional work; and the place I got the truck load of goat poo. They have a number of “pets” 2 aged goats, 2 rabbits, a flock of laying chickens, a small flock of guineas, 6 dogs, and 8 cats. The dogs and cats are mostly “dumped” animals they took in when no one else wanted them.

The final people on our road is a couple who the first week we were here met, the gentleman walked onto our property with a handgun on his hip and told us they were going to tear up a section of our lot from the power pole out to the road then along the road, so they can run power line. Nice way to meet someone huh? He then spent the next month clearing his land, laying a foundation, digging a well, setting up a cesspool, then having a double wide dropped onto his property. I wish I had seen it come down the road, but we were out that day, I do know it didn't make the road any better. We see him a couple times a day driving up or down the road, that’s about it.

Now the opinion I would like is about the second neighbor the woman alone. The son who is visiting and helping out is a service man who just came back from Afghanistan. She has told me that his is in transportation, which means he in some manner works with the vehicles; Silver when in the air force was a driver and my father was a mechanic on jets. Now this son since coming in the last week has been firing off an automatic weapon for target practice. My neighbor says he does it because he wants to be a shooter but because he isn't he does it whenever he can. She said he is shooting at targets, but I do have a problem with someone who is firing off an automatic weapon, that may miss; next to a property with expensive livestock on it. Also knowing there are children on the road why not warn the other residents so we won't accidentally walk into a stray bullet? I know he wants to be a fighter, and I can understand wanting to be able to defend yourself or hunt with a good gun; but an automatic? All that is good for to me is killing people... if you tried to use it to hunt it would swiss cheese the animal. If you used it for defense all it would do it kill someone very completely. I wanted to complain about the shooting but I also know they are doing it on their own property technically... but what if it ricocheted and hurt someone? What do you think?

Now on a good note...

WE HAVE OUR WELL WIRE!!!!!!!! We are going to hook it up today and see if the pump and box works OK. Keep your fingers crossed.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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