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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Water, Water, Water

Yes from that picture if you cannot tell we have our well running now! Seems the pump and control box are fine and the only problem we had was a bit of mud and stone getting caught in a valve when we first fired it up. So we washed dishes in OUR water yesterday, took a bath in OUR water last night. It was strange , but it seemed we must have been more stressed over the well than we thought. As soon as we got it running Silver and I felt great relief fall over us, like a great weight was lifted from our shoulders. Did notice something interesting about the waster, the first person on our road when we'd get water from his well; the water was very hard and had a slight unusual taste to it. When we'd get water from the people nearer to us (the ones with the animals), it was very soft water with no additional taste to it; AND they don't use a water softener. Our water is coming out soft and... it might just be that it's our water, but it tasted very sweet. Silver and I plan on celebrating by taking a bath tomorrow during the DAY... shocking as when you have to carry water that's a luxury. I guess we also loose some of our aerobic workouts now with no water carrying on the menu anymore (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww), though it will save us on car gas for when we'd get the washing water we'd have to drive half a mile. It was funny about the wire Mark Chenail picked up for us, he said he “hoped” it was 60ft, it was about 140ft; which means being $8 for the roll about $.05 a foot. Good thing it was so long too as being “well wire” the wire that goes -into- the well Silver needed to double it to make up for the slightly smaller gauge wire. So lets see... well works(we didn't dig it)... we have wire for it($8 for the roll)... we have a tank for it (we got it for free)... we spent $30 of our money on parts to go from the well to the tank. I think we came out OK on this one. Now Silver says we should buy the proper wire eventually, but this will work.

Dug Well... free

Pump for Well... free

Control Box for Well... free

Wire for control box... $8 (worked off)

Pressure tank... free

Assorted fittings... $30

A WORKING WELL... Priceless!!!!!!!!!

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. Hello everyone
    Just a bit more detail on the well. We have spent just a bit of time thinking/planing /worrying about this most important project (starting in April). Like around three months ago seeing a old pressure tank in a field and asking if the owner wanted to sell it, nope if we wanted it we could have (we just needed to carry it across the field lift it over a barbwire fence put it in the car take it home then put it at the well.... that tank got heaver minute by minute, felt like a ton). Pricing the controller and so on. We assembled everything last month all except for wiring it (funny but I could buy entrance cable cheaper than buying the 10 gauge wire for the pump, go figure).
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I put it all together yesterday turn on the switch a 1 second spurt of mud and then …..nothing....... thought of several colorful comments, considered having a breakdown learned that I could growl was called for lunch and after eating went back to the pump to try to figure what was wrong and seeing dollar signs every were. Found out controller was working (would have bet that it would not have worked based on the shape it is in) and strangely the pipe was dripping water. Riven asked, could it be plugged? So took it apart and the check valve was full of mud and small rocks (said a prayer) turned it on again and wonder of wonders water flowed. The day suddenly became much better!!!!

    Thanks for your patience

  2. Congratulations on the well! That's a HUGE step in the right direction. :)

  3. I'm so jealous but congrats anyway!I keep dreaming of the day we can get our well up and running but I'm afraid that's a good ways off yet.